Tuesday, August 14, 2007

dog days knitting

I've been working on a lot of behind-the-scenes knitting and sewing lately. It's nothing secret or anything like that...I've just been too lazy to get the camera out and document my stuff. You mean I have to get up off the couch? And go outside? And lay these things out? AND push a button? Eeeeeeeeeehhhhh....

Good heavens, look - I didn't even go outside and take advantage of the beautiful, cloud-diffused natural light. I'll be begging for a day like this in a few months when it's snowing.

I have been turning my thoughts to fall/winter stuff for Daughter. Here are the first of the socks I hope to make before it gets cold. Our house gets so stinking drafty in the winter it's like little house on the prairie...all bundled up in our long underwear and wool socks & sweaters.

These are made of Regia sock yarn - the very first sock yarn I ever bought. I still have the socks I made for myself, and I'm so pleased to finally be using the leftovers. There was plenty left on one skein for both of these socks.

I had no real pattern, just cast on 44 stitches, did 40 rounds in k2, p2 rib, turned the heel, and knitted the foot to 5.5 inches. Daughter is petite and has small feet for her age (she is 28 months and is just into a 6.5 shoe). They can be folded down in nicer weather, or pulled up straight on cold days or for going out. And they are both exactly the same size. The photo just looks distorted for some reason.

So sorry for the blurry photo here - I guess I was shaky when I took it. Or perhaps it's the effect of all the sand in the camera from our beach trips.

This is the Knitting Pure and Simple Baby Tunic (pattern #211), 24-month size. It used almost 3 full skeins of Cascade Sierra, but I made it a tad longer and made the hood a little bigger than called for. Daughter can still easily fit into the 24-month size in the chest, but she is tall so needs additional length.

And look at this wee button! My sis went to a yarn shop where she lives and picked out 3 little bags of buttons for me as part of my Christmas present last year. I know this little kitty doesn't exactly match, but the size is perfect and it's so cute...I am using it anyway. There are 3 more, so when Daughter outgrows this hoodie, I will cut off the button and use all 4 on something else.

The pattern also calls for a drawstring (indeed, there is a casing all around the hood that I sewed down), but my mom says they don't put drawstrings in children's clothing anymore because it's dangerous. I hadn't heard that, but it sounds reasonable, so I skipped the string and just went with the button.

Tomorrow: sewing projects!

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Karen said...

Wow, those socks and the sweater are fab. I adore the kitty button, it's that perfect little certain something that turns a super cute sweater into a squeal-worthy piece of delight. How was that for creative use of adjectives?

Can't wait to see your sewing.