Tuesday, January 20, 2009

r.i.p. Ella

Last night my in-laws had to make the difficult decision to put our old dog to sleep. I'm not a dog person, and it's really because of me that they've had her for the last 2+ years, but still, it is kind of sad.

This is Ella eyeballing Daughter about 3 years ago.

She has struggled with pancreatitis for several years, and though she was just 9 years old, she was very sick. I'm glad she isn't suffering anymore. Rest in peace, Ella.


Karen said...

Aw, poor Ella. I bet she's chewing a really fun toy and running around like a puppy in heaven right now. :)

Ruth said...

It's always hard to say goodbye to a good dog. I'm sorry for your and your in-laws' loss.

Caren said...

I'm so sorry about Ella. We recently had to put two beloved family dogs to sleep. It's not easy for all involved. Sending thought your family's way.