Saturday, January 24, 2009

audacity, hope, etc

In a fit of insanity, I cast on for a wool soaker yesterday during the few precious moments when both of my children were napping.

I figure I can try to get it done before D-day...Feb. 10, when the CPSIA law takes effect. Though I am pretty confused about the act itself. If I leave this product listed in my Etsy shop after the 10th, will I be immediately fined? Is some person out there, ready and waiting to pounce on all the cottage industry folk?

And further, are all the childrens' products in all the stores already tested and ready to go? Or will we walk into Target on February 10 and see them ripping clothes and toys off the racks to be destroyed (or tested)? Are companies all falling in line to get their products tested? Will I be able to find and/or afford summer clothing for my children? And what about things like fabric on the bolt? Can I go to Joann's and get cottons for my children to wear, at a reasonable cost? Or will each yard cost twice as much because it had to be tested?

I am hopeful that this act will be reviewed and changed to be more reasonable. I applaud the government's efforts to protect children, but come on. And until then, I will knit away, in the hope that I can continue to produce and sell a few things here and there.

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Karen said...

From what I understand, the original draft has been edited to allow the following changes:

1. Items made and "on the shelf" on Feb. 10 are allowed.
2. Items made with natural, undyed fibers and fabrics are exempt from testing. Woopee. Bland colored clothing.

I don't plan to remove my items that are already listed. I'm going to assume that I would at least receive a "cease and desist" notice.