Wednesday, August 13, 2008

am i getting insufferable yet?

This morning I completed the tour de doctors at my OB's office. I see one particular doctor for my care, but any of the 4 in the practice could be at the hospital when I deliver, so I get to see them all toward the end of my pregnancies. Fun fact: "my" doctor hasn't delivered any of my babies yet. I'm hoping he will be there this time.

So this morning I saw the newest doctor, who happens to be a woman. She was nice enough, but appeared to be barely older than I am, and I didn't love her bedside manner. She informed me that we can either schedule an external cephalic version, or schedule a cesarean section for 39 weeks. My baby is not actually full breech right now - he is transverse (laying across my abdomen folded in half so his feet and head are pushing against my right side). So he could possibly turn by himself and get head-down. The ECV might work out because it is more likely to be successful with a transverse baby (rather than a baby that must be turned entirely around). If they do the ECV, it is done in the hospital and labor is induced at the same time to prevent the baby from flipping back. It can be painful and have complications, though, so if we do it I could very well end up with an emergency c-section. Barf. NOT my first choice.

This chick doctor was pretty into the idea of a scheduled c-section...she seemed to think that considering my history I might prefer it. Which, ok, I can see the benefit of a scheduled delivery, but she actually stated avoidance of the trauma of a vaginal delivery as one of the reasons.

Huh? How is being slit from stem to stern and having abdominal muscles cut and sewn back together less traumatic than a regular vaginal birth?? I had great recoveries from my previous deliveries and, despite my apprehension about the pain of labor, I was really looking forward to another good experience in that regard.

Oh well, when I explained that I have a 3 year old to care for as well, she made a face and admitted that the recovery is a bit long for a c-section. Well, duh.

Tomorrow I go back to meet with my regular doctor so we can discuss options. I know this probably sounds stupid to some people, but I really just wish someone would tell me what to do. I obviously want the safest thing for baby and for myself - I don't want it to be up to me, I want the doctor to say "this is what we're doing" and set it up.

More to come.


Mrs Lemon said...

Do you think you would be more comfortable if "your" doctor told you to have the ecv? or scheduled a section? maybe that doctor just weirded you out. Some of them weird me out. I really like the one who actually delivered Zesty, and I plan on requesting her for all my future routine visits. She was youngish too, but so so casually smart in a way that made me very comfortable. Plus, she complimented my shoes on one visit, and you know how that reaches one's heart. :)

Pam said...

He'll turn - he's just sideways, he'll turn:)

Not much longer - he'll be here soooooo soon!

Karen said...

I say wait. Transverse is half way there. Google some natural ways to try to turn him on your own.

C-section is not the end of the world, but if you can avoid it why not?

Jenn said...

We're transverse too. I'm hoping for some last minute turn around.

julie said...

I'm a big fan of your blog--and at this point I'm sure everyone in the world is giving you stories about their experience...which isn't always good, however I had one vag delivery and one c-section. I didn't think the c-section recovery was that much worse. I also worked ( until just recently) in a NICU and talked to lots of moms who are up and around pretty quickly after a c section. Everyone is different.

HangerMom said...

I just had a discussion with my mom yesterday about how being given options by a doctor is not really all that appealing to me. My new dr (we moved since my last two babies, you'll recall) is all about doing whatever I want to do, but all I really want is for him to tell me exactly what I need to do and make all the decisions for me. I suppose I should just tell him that and see if he'll take it out of my hands... My last dr had my full trust and pretty much made all the calls, and I had great labors and deliveries. So that's what I want. Good luck with everything!!