Monday, August 25, 2008

39 have got to be kidding me






Pam said...

Sorry Kate!

So have you had enough of the, "are you still pregnant?" comments yet?

HangerMom said...

I hate the "are you still pregnant" stuff. Ugh. My motto right now is "I'm not getting my hopes up!" because at 37 weeks for me, who the heck knows. I could have the baby tonight, or in five weeks. It's just not worth speculating. The braxton hicks contractions are keeping me on my toes, though.

I'm praying for you! I keep checking back for updates and the few day lull definitely makes a gal speculate... :)

Mrs Lemon said...

Eventually that baby has to come out.

I repeated that many times to myself the last couple of weeks I was pregnant.

alisa in CT said...

Kate-mrs lemon is right-eventually the timer will go off and you will be a family of 4