Wednesday, June 06, 2007

hot fun in the summertime

Well, it's Wednesday again, and you know what that means. Playgroup.


Only one week to go. I can't wait to be done. The only reason we're still going is because we paid for this, dammit, and I don't want to waste money. Did I mention that the only other two girls in the group transferred out to the 3-4 year old group after just a few weeks? Because they were actually 3 years old? Yeah, so it's my wee Daughter and like 9 or 10 little boys. Most of whom are a lot closer to 3 than 2.

I had high hopes for playgroup in the 'making friends' area. Unfortunately it ended up being mostly grandmas who babysit their grandchildren while the mommies work. And while there is nothing at all wrong with grandmas, and they are all very friendly, I was sort of hoping to find some women my age to hang with. There is one who I like, but our kids haven't gravitated toward each other at all, and her son actually asked her once if Daughter was going to hurt him. ????? People, you have seen photos of my wee child. She couldn't - and wouldn't - hurt anyone. I watch her like a hawk at playgroup and she has never once done anything remotely aggressive. Weird.

We are lucky (in my opinion) to have a Waldorf school in our area. I am hoping we can afford to try out their playgroup in the fall. It's extremely different, and costs quite a bit more than the community ed version. But I think it might be more beneficial to Daughter, and I might get to meet some more moms. We just paid off my car so we'll have a tiny bit of extra money each month now - if we work our budget right and nothing else breaks around the house, I think maybe we can swing it.

So now the question is what to do for summer. We don't live in a proper 'neighborhood' so there isn't a community playground or pool or anything like that. Have any of you tried Music with Mar? That takes place at a church practically at the end of my street, so I'm considering trying it. It's also only $6 per session, paid one at a time, so if we don't like it there's no commitment.

Any other suggestions for low-cost or free activities to do with a toddler in the summer? I mean, how many times can we go to the library? I'm stuck for good ideas.

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Cheryl said...

Do you have a local YMCA or museums? You might be surprised what kind of cheap fun programs for toddlers they have. Also contact a preschool and ask them...they usually have A LOT of resources that they will share and give you information on. How about posting my blog as one you read. LOL I dont think I am posted or recognized ANYWHERE! Really wanting to get my blog out there!! Ideas?

Karen said...

Are there any churches with mom/kid groups? You don't have to attend a church to enjoy its programs.

I'm taking it personally that you didn't leave my link up while you tinker with your template. Hmph!

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to let you know your name is in my latest blog post! YOU ROCK!

Pam said...

A lot of places do a free day each month. The zoo, museums, galleries even some of the local pools or rec centers. Just google your local places or check out your local chamber of commerce. Is your little girl into sidewalk chalk yet? Lunch eaten outside on a blanket with chalk drawings can take up a good hour of your day and my kids seem to love it. Even the big ones:) Oh...and how could I forget forts!!! Blankets, chairs, cardboard boxes - all of these make great indoor forts. Build them, climb in and have a snack while you read a book or if you can get the fort just right it makes for a great spot to watch a short cartoon with some popcorn. Hope your summer is wonderful:)