Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 knits in review

Well, my completed sewing for 2009 was pretty sundress for Daughter and one quilt completed that sat around since 2004.

At least the knitting was more impressive (to me, anyway). Here's the breakdown:

2 pair wooly pants/longies for AJ
16 soakers (both personal and sold through Etsy)
9 pair socks (5 adult, 4 kid)
5 sweaters (4 baby, 1 kid)
3 vests (1 baby, 2 kid)
3 Christmas stockings
3 hats (1 adult, 2 baby)
4 dolly garments
5 ornaments
28 granny squares (technically not knitting, but I am counting them anyway)

Holy crap. That's 59 total items without the granny squares, and counting each sock separately.

Unfortunately, the one project I said I wanted to finish this year was a Central Park Hoodie...and I didn't make it. The parts are all knit, and the shoulders have been joined. I need to pick up the gazillion stitches around the front bands and neck, and knit the ribbing and hood, then sew the sleeves in and it will be done. Maybe sometime in the next couple months...

For now I have the crazy idea to knit socks for my 3 peeps (2 easy, small pairs, 1 giant pair) for Valentine's Day gifts, and I have to get going on baby items. There are 2 very special babes on the way, one in April and one in July, and they need some warm wooly knits!

And then there's the Etsy shop, which needs serious attention and restocking. Busy, busy, busy. But that's ok. Looking back one year ago to the posts I was writing in January of 2009, I see how far I have come with my little family. I have truly taken Elizabeth Zimmerman's advice to heart: "knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."

I wish you all a happy, blessed new year. May 2010 bring you peace and joy.

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Karen said...

Yep you've been busy. Happy New Year, Kate!