Friday, January 01, 2010


Ah, silence. Baby is napping, Daughter and Hubs went out on some adventure involving tacos, the merry-go-round at the mall, and possibly snowman building if the snow keeps up.

I've washed, ironed, mended, bathed (self and children), cleaned up the kitchen, and am settling down with some needlework for the New Year.

Isn't that just about the happiest photo? I love, love, love it. Such pretty little grannies. I've made 28, and will go make 2 more once I've written this post. Then I'll be able to make a little 6X5 blanket to keep my baby (baby? who are we kidding? TODDLER) warm. I'll be edging each square with one more round of a neutral yarn, then joining them and working a couple borders around the whole thing. I think it's going to be great! And - the best part - I only have a few little tiny balls of wool now, to stash away for future projects like this. Maybe another year or two from now I'll have enough for another small project, but I'm quite self-satisfied having used up my leftovers!

Then on to some other projects I've been meaning to make for some time. A lacy curtain panel for the window in my front door, some new dishcloths to replace the hideous old ones currently in rotation, perhaps some dishtowels and bibs. As an aside, do all you knitters, crocheters, and needleworkers browse company websites like Lion Brand, Coats & Clark, DMC, etc. for free patterns? There are literally hundreds and hundreds of absolutely free, easy, wonderful patterns out there for the taking. I've got a bunch in my mental queue.

But first up, finishing that little blanket...

I wish you all a warm, snuggly, yarn-filled first day of 2010!


Karen said...

I love the granny squares, they have such a festive look.

YOu should see all the crocheting my mom did for the kids for Christmas. It was a stellar year for yarn around here.

Mrs Lemon said...

Very sweet! Hey check out this etsy item - I zoomed in on the photo and counted the stitches, I think, I think I can copy it. I'm gonna try it in chocolate brown.

Ruth said...

LOVE it! But my facebook status told you I would. They really are very gratifying, aren't they?

Pam said...

My new addiction - YARN! There is something very peaceful about knitting...until you have to rip it apart and start over:) kidding - kind of. Anyhow, as always, the stuff you knit is gorgeous and inspiring....some day I will move on from scarves to sweaters:)