Tuesday, December 22, 2009

last of the knitted gifts (for Daughter)

I don't know about you, but I feel like I've been running around like a headless chicken these past few weeks.

Got a few more things done:

Knitted vest for Daughter. Free pattern from coats & clark website! (Too rushed to edit out the carpet in the pic, sorry.)

Knitted dolly sweater to match Daughter's vest.

Knitted dolly dress (from Handknit Holidays...a horrible, very poorly written/edited book, this pattern being no exception!)

Dolly petticoat (also from Handknit Holidays, mercifully this one was error-free.)

Dolly pullover, pattern found on Ravelry.

Now, in light of all that, I feel I deserve this:

A warm cup of (decaf) coffee, and some mindless dishrag knitting to relax with, while the children watch Rudolph for the seven-hundredth time.

Although there are still two days till Christmas...I could probably get another gift or two knitted...must fight the urge! Time to relax and enjoy!

(If anyone wants specific pattern/yarn info, leave a comment please, and I will answer. In a rush, trying to make this a quickie today!)

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Louise said...

These are wonderful! Daughter's dolly will have quite the handknit wardrobe. I hate the rush rush feeling that I always get during the holiday season-- good for you for slowing down. I'm trying to do the same. Happy Holidays!