Saturday, November 21, 2009

to do:

  1. All on-line Christmas shopping
  2. Any Christmas shopping that cannot be accomplished on-line (hopefully none)
  3. Clean crusty bathrooms
  4. Change burnt-out bulb in funky hanging hard-to-reach light fixture in bathroom
  5. Finish washing sheets and remake beds
  6. Finish AJ's Thanksgiving vest
  7. Dress kids in Christmas outfits and take photo (do I trim AJ's hair before or after the photo attempt?)
  8. Order Christmas photos
  9. Empty dishwasher
  10. Refill dishwasher
  11. Make chili and cornbread for dinner
  12. Divide and package up bulk meats purchased this morning and freeze
  13. Iron
  14. Make Christmas cookie list
  15. Purchase and replace smoke/carbon monoxide detector that keeps beeping randomly for no reason
  16. Figure out what to put in the advent calendar, especially for the baby (really, what can you give a baby?)
  17. REMAKE two wool soakers to replace an Etsy order that apparently was lost in the mail
  18. Get butt in gear working on rest of knits people have requested
Now, that does not all HAVE to be accomplished today, but most of it does. Tomorrow is Daughter's final swimming lesson, which will be the first time we have actually seen her swim (spectators are only allowed at the last one), and after that poor AJ will be so tired we'll have to shoot straight home for nap. This week is going to evaporate in a flurry of therapy, home repair (outside person coming in to do some work for us), and Thanksgiving. Then it will pretty much be December, so it's time to bust a move.

Things I am thankful for:
  1. That I was able to diagnose the problem with the washing machine that I mentioned a few posts ago. I got lazy about replacing the lint filter on the drain hose, so the utility sink drain clogged up with lint, and was not draining properly. That caused the washing machine to back-fill with rinse water, so I had to manually re-run the spin cycle each load. Went to walmart last night for some drano, let it work overnight, replaced the lint filter today, and voila, we have a functional washing machine again. Take it from me: do not be lazy about replacing your washing machine lint filters.
  2. My awesome mom, who made two pairs of mittens for my kids in about two days before leaving for her Vegas birthday adventure. Both kids need them, and I asked her to whip them up for use in the advent calendar, because I just do not have time to knit anything more right now. She rules.
  3. The amazing weather we've been having, which has allowed us to keep the heat set at 60 degrees in the house. Our gas bill is low, our expenses are under control. It feels good.
  4. The amazing markdowns in like, every store. I have been able to pick up some amazing bargains to feed and clothe my family in recent weeks, and our dollars are stretching farther than I thought they would, living in this more expensive place.
Ok, deep breath time. I'm off to begin chipping away at my to do list. And I'm going to try very, very hard to have a good week.

I hope you all do too!

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