Thursday, October 01, 2009

never not knitting

Since I haven't posted much interesting visual content in a long while, I thought I'd throw up some knitting today.

My sister got married last summer, and asked for some Christmas stockings. I was originally going to sew them, but my sewing mojo is missing in action these days. I'm more into knitting at this time of year...feel it right in my bones, actually, can't stop! So I am knitting up a sample stocking from an ancient skein of Fisherman's Wool I had in my stash (you can tell how old it is by the label). I bought this yarn several years ago when I was into dyeing with kool-aid and Rit, but I lost interest and a couple skeins have been sitting around.

So: Christmas gifting AND stashbusting in one. Sounds good to me.

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Mrs Lemon said...

Awesome! I'm mourning my yarn stash. It wasn't great yarn, but in my early nesting a few months ago, I threw out all my yarn. Except for that one ball of wool's ease. ALL OF IT. Now that I am learning to knit, I wish I had it all back.