Tuesday, October 06, 2009

baking day

"Fold in the sides,
pull it towards me,
kneeeeeeead it, kneeeeeeeeead it..."

"Fold in the sides,
Pull it towards me,
kneeeeeeeeead it, kneeeeeeeead it..."

Oatmeal bread! Mine on the left of the photo, Daughter's on the right. Not bad considering I did not help her!

We try to cook or bake together several times each week. I like to make things with her that don't require super-precise measuring, so she can do a lot herself and it won't come out "wrong." Bread is great for that!


Louise said...

Very cute. Looks like she's quite the little baker!

HangerMom said...

Is there a tune that goes with that? I'm not familiar with the kneading song, but it sounds fun. I'll have to get the girls on that next time I'm making pizza dough.

kate said...

Staci, there is no "tune" per se...she just repeated the instructions I gave her in a very rhythmical way as she went through the steps!