Tuesday, August 18, 2009


At our old house we had three giant, mature sugar maples in our yard. They dropped approximately one billion leaves on our grass each autumn. Pretty though they were, I was happy to leave them behind.

Then we bought a house with a giant, mature sugar maple in the backyard.

It's majestic.

We play, eat peanut butter sandwiches, and knit in its shade on 88 degree days.

We sometimes rip the bark off of it. (Hey, Daughter, cut it out!)

And pretty soon it will drop one billion of these all over the grass.

So it goes.


Shari said...

I'm jealous. We have all lawn so me and the babies are stuck in the house all day. And with no AC they are a cranky fussy pair!

And just think of all the fun the kids will have jumping into piles of leaves in the fall!

Mrs Lemon said...

AJ is so big!