Thursday, August 20, 2009

rug braiding?

Anyone ever tried making braided rugs? There's a kit you can buy - I've only ever seen it offered from Herrschner's - that represents a fairly small investment (probably around $20 after shipping and whatnot). I have so much fabric in relatively small amounts, and I'm so tired of looking at it!

I'm wondering if making braided throw rugs might be a good way to use up some of the old fabrics I've had in stash for years and years. I keep thinking I will make it into quilts, but realistically, after 10 years of hanging on to some of it, I truly don't even want it anymore. I'm bored with my stash, and besides, I don't want all my quilts to look the same. I'd rather go to the fabric store when I have a project in mind and carefully select fabrics. But I definitely don't want to waste what I already have.

So I'm thinking braided rugs. It appeals to my Ma Ingalls sensibilities. Use what you have for what you need, right? Or am I nuts? Anyone tried it? Is it awesome? Does it suck?


Shari said...

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems pretty simple. I've been saving old jeans for awhile now with the hopes of making a braided rug in denim.

If you give it a shot make sure you let us know how it goes:)

Louise said...

My cousins did the heavy-duty wool rug braiding for years, and always made it sound so complicated. But they're like that, so it could be easy. Let us know how it works out-- I've always wanted to try.

Mrs Lemon said...

I bet the quilting fabric would look totally different as a rug and you would like it again :)

Karen said...

Did you Google it? There are some youtube vids demonstrating how.