Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i'm being eaten by a boa constrictor

Ok, so not a boa constrictor, exactly...but I am pretty sure the month of September is going to swallow me whole. We have a minimum of two medical appointments each week of the month, with 4 - count 'em, 4 - appointments this week, just to finish out August. Wheeeeeee! My car knows the way to the hospital all by itself at this point.

It's not my fault, really. The surgical follow-up appointments have to be made, so if there are any problems they can be addressed (we don't think there are any problems, though).

Both kids have to be seen by our new pediatrician as well patients before they can be seen as sick patients, and with fall/flu season approaching, I thought it best to get that out of the way now. Otherwise I have to drive 45 minutes to get them to the old pediatrician if they get sick - no thanks.

AJ has to have a hearing test at 1 year of age, which is NEXT WEEK OMG WHAT HAPPENED MY BABY IS ONE!!!

AJ also has to have a swallow study (a barium contrast xray) so we can hopefully find out why on earth he can't drink liquids without choking, and why he won't eat more than a few mouthfuls of food.

We ALL have to go to the dentist (Daughter for the 1st time ever, Hubs and I because we blew it off for the past year due to general craziness of life), which was yesterday and today.

Aaaaaand, I have a cavity. See above point re: blowing off regular dental visits for a year. Dammit. So there's another appointment.

Pretty sure there are a couple more in there...an endocrinologist visit for me (thyroid), a life insurance exam for Hubs, etc, etc. The good news is we are dropping one day of therapy for AJ because he is doing so well with gross motor. The bad news is we'll hardly feel that schedule change till October, when we will be able to pause and breathe again.

The other bad news is that we are detecting a barely perceptible weakness on AJ's right side - he favors his left hand and foot, has a much worse time with his right ear (though tubes were reinserted on Friday and he is happy and singing again), and now we've been told he has slight strabismus of the right eye (aka lazy eye). Again, these are barely noticeable to outside observers, but unfortunately the problem is definitely there and that means...more appointments. Now we've been referred to a pediatric opthamologist. I'm waiting on that, though, till his 1-year physical in a few weeks. I want to see what our new pediatrician says before I go making more appointments. The problem may not be bad enough to require patching of the other eye. Let's pray that it isn't, hmmmm? I can't imagine trying to get him to keep a patch on his face.


Busy. But overall things are mostly good. A few bumps in our road, but we are getting used to that and can roll with it much more easily these days.

I have a big bag of knitting wips that are screaming for my attention, and a pile of semi-completed sewing that is equally loud. I want to sit down and finish some stuff, and then blog that stuff because that's fun, but we'll have to see how the next few weeks go. We also want to get to the playground as much as we can (Daughter really gets the short end of the stick during these busy stretches), and enjoy yummy summer farmstand foods, go out for ice cream, and soak in the end of summer.

Right now it's one day - no, make that one hour - at a time. Lots of lists, lots of careful planning. Time for lunch. Let's get through that and then see what happens!


Mrs Lemon said...

I wish I could learn to knit. I tried - with internet tutorials - maybe I should try again :) It's getting close to fall, and I'm foreseeing a lot of sitting down in my future.

Mrs Lemon said...

(have any methods you recommend for new knitters?)

Shari said...

I hear ya! Sounds like my life, I can't wait until the babies get a little older as right now I only get a round a day done on a sock. Knitting is my stress reliever so I really miss it.

Good luck with all your appointments!

Ruth said...

Hey, Kate ... email me, please? Your comments section isn't the proper place to dump my worries, but it sounds as though we're living eerily parallel lives these days.

SO glad to hear that AJ is doing well with gross motor.

Re: strabismus, well, BTDT, both as a mother and as a patient. Don't delay starting treatment; if it's mild, they'll probably put him in glasses (do you read Flotsam? Her little girl -- just a bit older than AJ -- wears glasses, so you could see what it looks like [adorable]). Young'un has been wearing his glasses for 3.5 years, and we're still crossing our fingers that the treatment will work. It's best to start as early as possible.

ANYway. I hope you do email. It feels pretty lonely out here sometimes.