Monday, November 17, 2008

thirsties wanted!

I would love to blog, really I would...I just don't have the time to even come up for air right now. Bear with me, I WILL be back.

There is even some knitting! My poor, neglected Daughter was going to have some cold hands if I didn't bust a move making her some mittens, and there is a hat and scarf combo in the near future...I am thinking that will make some quality 3 a.m. knitting when I am waiting for the baby's milk to run through.

Good news, briefly: The child no longer has to have his monitor hooked up 24/7! Only when he is sleeping and/or out of our sight. This is so awesome, because that thing is like a freaking ball and chain, literally. Also, barring anything unforeseen, tomorrow he gets his temporary feeding tube out and the new "button" put in, which will be almost flush against his skin and only be opened/closed when needed. He currently has about 18" of tubing coming out the front of his clothing at all times, which is dangerous, scary, annoying, and quite frankly, rather unsightly. Also, it blows "tummy time" to smithereens. My child is 11 weeks old and cannot yet hold up his own head. Sad, I know. He is certainly behind. He also just cracked 9 lbs. Ay-yi-yi.

Ok, so - things have normalized enough that I have made the big switcheroo to my beloved cloth diapers. I only bought one thirsties cover when I made my order back in the summer, because I didn't know if I would like them. And I DO like them! In fact, I LOVE the thirsties cover, and I want more. The question I have is, does anyone have any XS thirsties covers they no longer need and want to sell to me? I am just looking to pick up a few more at a lower price than the brand new ones. Medical bills and such, you know.

If you have some, or know someone who does, please leave a comment or drop me a line: momwhoknits AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks!!


Karen said...

Yay for the new tummy thing! Yay for mittens! Yay for cloth diapers! Yay for the update from you!!!

Try the "bargain basement" at for used covers

Karen said...

Okay, girl. I've got you covered.

XS on sale for $7.95 each

Lucia said...

Kate, Ruth was telling me about you and your little one and his feeding tube; she thought of me because my son gets most of his nutrition through his, although we are slowly, slowly trying to wean him off it. He is 14. Good news: he recently discovered pizza.

Anyway, I have read your whole story since your son's birth. Yikes. And I thought I would tell you that a g-tube is not so bad awful scary. I remember when Terri Schiavo was constantly in the news (poor woman) and they talked about her feeding tube as though it were some horribly freakish thing, and I could not figure that out. As you are learning, for someone with feeding issues a g-tube is a big help and a huge improvement over an ng-tube, even if no tube would be better still.

As you might guess, my son is disabled. I don't know if I should tell you that, since you are concerned that people will think your son is. Everyone is different. When my son was in the hospital we knew kids with g-tubes because of everything from severe brain damage to failure to thrive. I am betting your little one will be fine and holding the best thoughts for you and your family. Give Daughter a kiss for me too. She's about the same age my daughter was when my son got sick.

In the clearing stands a boxer
and a fighter by his trade
and he carries the reminders
of every blow that laid him down....
but the fighter still remains.

(I have it on the stereo right now, and it seemed to fit.)