Monday, November 24, 2008

nap denial

Oh, internet friends...I love how you get all indignant for me. I may indeed write that letter to the medical director of the NICU. I'll let you know.

Onward to another issue - one that does not involve my baby, believe it or not. Or, rather, does not involve him directly. The issue is sleep. I am not getting enough (obviously). But Daughter is getting too much.

She is just over 3 and a half, and has consistently napped in the afternoons forever. She will eat lunch, play a little, go potty, and then sack out for 1.5 - 3 hours. Yes, really. The problem is, she doesn't want to get up. Much like her father, she wants to just sleep the day away. Mind you, I love the solitude in the afternoon, and I would love to nap also, but you just know the baby refuses to sleep for the entire time she does. Boo.

Anyway, she finally gets up after much cajoling and poking and prodding, and she's totally nasty to me, kicking and fighting as I try to get her up. I've tried waking her early. I've tried just letting her get up on her own. No matter what I seem to try, she is miserable. And then when bedtime rolls around at night, she is wide awake in bed until 11 p.m. Unacceptable!

So yesterday we went out in the afternoon and she just cat-napped in the car. She was bathed and in bed by 8 p.m. and asleep by 8:30. YES! Today I tried to keep her up...and she begged me for a nap. BEGGED ME! What kind of alternate universe do I live in where my 3 year old is begging me to let her take a nap? She has just fallen asleep on the couch, which is fine, the regular noise of the household will wake her shortly. I just don't know how to navigate this issue.

She obviously still wants (and perhaps needs) some afternoon rest, but I need her to go to bed at a reasonable hour and get a good night of sleep. Ah, parenting. Where's that manual, again? Can't seem to find my copy...


Caren said...

Are you sure we're not related? She sounds like my whole family. We've taken the skill of sleeping to a whole new level. .

HangerMom said...

I feel you on this one. I have the same problem with my recently turned 5 year old. She only naps about half the days, but when she does she's down till I drag her from bed kicking and screaming, and then up till 10:30 or so at night despite our trying to put her to bed just after 8. Ugh. But if she doesn't get a nap those days, she's miserable as well. I don't want to give up my quiet time at naptime, but it's almost not worth it when bed time is so rough. Let me know what the handbook says when it turns up.

Shari said...

Maybe just let her nap on the sofa so that she only gets a short one?

After 3 birth kids and 20 foster kids I gave up looking for the handbook and just do whatever works!

Good Luck!

Pam said...

I like Shari's idea - couch napping, that might work:)