Monday, July 07, 2008

32 week update

We had our first biophysical profile this morning at the hospital. 32 weeks and all seems to be well. Baby boy is so active that the nurse actually had trouble starting the non-stress test. We've reached the "Alien" phase of pregnancy where something appears to be trying to emerge from my navel. Creeeeeeeepy!

It is kind of fun to have these repeat sonograms. We've got lots of good pictures of his wee face so it's like we're getting to know him in advance. For those who asked, no, these are not the fancy 3D sonograms, just regular ones, but they are quite high-tech so the pictures are fairly clear. I'm thinking this is going to be yet another child who looks just like my husband. Ummm, hello? I'm doing all the work here. It would be nice if one of my children at least resembled me.

In other pregnancy news, I'm not sleeping well due to the burning pain in my hips. I'm so tired but I can't get any sleep. It's a vicious cycle and it's making me crabby. Boo. I've tried the pillow-between-the-knees thing and that only makes it worse. Any suggestions?


Pam said...

Yup - delivery!


Karen said...

When I got to where I couldn't handle the searing hip pain I slept on the couch. Somehow having the back to lean against took a lot of pressure off my hips and shoulder. You could also push your bed against the wall and put a pillow behind you.

yay for clear (and healthy) pictures!!!

HangerMom said...

I just wake up and roll back and forth a lot. No help, I know. I've also had some success with sleeping a little more propped up and mostly on my back, but with a pillow under one hip (or a body pillow wedged alongside me under my hip and back) so I'm not completely flat on my back. But that's not foolproof. Eventually the burning sensation comes again.

Jenn said...

I'm right there with you, but the pillow is helping me a great deal. Now if I could do something about the searing pain in my right shoulder, as it gets slept on all night, I'd be great.

Ruth said...

I had a lot of trouble with my hips in my last pregnancy, and not much seemed to help. Several (too many) months after she was born I was diagnosed w/bursitis.

Yay for good BPP results! I can't believe you're at 32 weeks already.