Tuesday, July 31, 2007

pretty boring sewing project

This will interest maybe one or two of you, but it's all I've got today, my friends. I've been sewing and knitting in fits and starts because it is around 90 degrees with twelve thousand percent humidity, and this is the only thing I've finished:

Diaper inserts. Whoa, try to handle the excitement!

See? You lay one in the center of a prefold cloth diaper...

Then fold up the sides (I do a better job of this when I am really putting it on my kid, I promise), and the washable pad absorbs the pee! Neato!

These are made of two layers of 100% cotton flannel and two layers of 100% cotton husband undershirts, size medium, which were obviously purchased on a wishful-thinking day. Hubs is 6'2" and about 225, so why he bought a pack of size medium shirts is beyond me. Thus the shirts are pretty much brand new and perfect for me to chop up and sew into baby Depends. I serged around the 4 sides and called it good, though I'm wondering if I should have run a line of stitching down the middle. The flannel is caught in the serged edges, but maybe a little extra stitching would still be good.

Will they work? We shall find out.

Now please excuse me, the mere act of blogging in this heat has caused me to break out in a stank-nasty sweat. Time to re-apply the Lady Speed Stick. Love you, moist heat!

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Karen said...

Heeey, nice work. Go put over at Diap. Chron. too!

French terry works great for these too. Fleece topped will keep her tooshie dry if you ever have rash issues.

Love the 'baby depends' line.