Monday, July 02, 2007


Limited posting to come this week...and limited crafting. Even typing this much is kinda owie due to:

(Sorry it is so blurry...I am right-handed and was trying to take a photo of my right index finger with my left hand.)

On Saturday, upon leaving church, I slammed - and I mean SA-LAMMED - my finger in the car door. After stowing Daughter safely in her seat, I pushed the door shut with my palm, all the while chattering at my husband about something or other, not noticing my finger was curled around the edge of the door. I don't know exactly how it even happened, but it was totally gruesome. There was an eternally long moment when I realized what I'd done and stood staring at my finger crushed in the door. Then I said, "OHGODMYFINGER!" and ripped the door open. Then I let loose with some profanity, which, in hindsight, I am ashamed of. Especially considering we were leaving CHURCH, and there were other churchgoers heading to their cars around us. Oh well, I didn't use the 'f' word...I think it was mostly a string of "sh*tsh*tsh*t!"

I have to believe many of you would exhibit a similar reaction. Holy crap, did it ever hurt. I cried till I hiccuped, which, thankfully, Daughter misunderstood as laughter. She kept asking, "what laughing at, Mommy? What so funny?"

Hubs drove to the nearest gas station and bought a bag of ice, which I plunged my hand into pronto. That quieted some of the agony. It was instantly black and blue, and had started to swell. Luckily we were only minutes from my parents' house, where I dumped the ice into a bowl for my finger and was treated to 3 ibuprofin and a glass of wine. Oho! Much better, thanks, Mom!

For the past 2 days I've been taking more ibuprofin and trying not to move the finger too much. Today it feels much better, though it still looks gross in real life. Usually you tell people you don't feel as bad as you look, right? Well, this was the felt (and still feels) much worse than it looks. I am hoping not to lose the nail, and that it will grow out quickly. Ugh.

Daughter, bless her, has been "checking" my finger and kissing it for me. Even Hubs, the master of calm, was moved by my obvious pain when it happened.

Sounds overdramatic, huh? Sorry. It was just so incredibly painful. Ok, I am done complaining now.

Here is some nicer-looking stuff:

River Forest Gansey back. Not too much done because it was pretty hot last week...too hot for working with wool.

This is one side of the ringbearer's pillow I'm making for my bro-in-law's wedding. I am hoping to finish it for the shower in 2 weeks...we'll see what's up with my stupid finger. This doesn't look like much yet, but once the other side is done they will be joined and then an elaborate edging goes around the whole thing, with ribbons woven through it and whatnot. Stay tuned.

In other news, my friend Karen has started a new blog, The Diaper Chronicles, dedicated to cloth diapering in all its forms. Even though I am a cloth-diapering novice and just moved Daughter to cloth at 26 months, she has graciously invited me to contribute. I will share what I can, but Karen can tell you much more. If you're a cloth-diapering mama, just thinking about it, think cloth diapers are nuts, or whatever, go check it out. She has good info and good links to more info and products.

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Pam said...

I was an a car accident when Buckwheat was about 18 mos old. I remember it happening and then saying sh*tsh*tsh*t as well. Then realized immediately he was in the backseat and turned to make sure he was okay and he calmly replied, "sh*tsh*tsh*t." lol - took a while to rid him of my infamous phrase:)

Hope you are on the mend soon!