Thursday, July 19, 2007

Elizabeth's quilt

After almost a year, I finally got up the courage to finish this:

The pattern is my own (though I certainly can't take credit for a simple 9-patch/Irish Chain); the fabrics are various calicos and 200-count muslin. The backing is a white-on-white print. The colored squares are quilted in a variegated cotton thread from Valdani, and the white squares are quilted in white cotton thread (all by machine). It still needs a label, which I will get to this weekend sometime.

Daughter thinks this is for her, and I don't know, maybe it should be. I suppose there's no point in just hanging it on the wall, or worse, folding it away in a trunk or closet.

Excuse me, I need a kleenex.


Ruth said...

Oh, sweetie. I've been thinking of you a lot lately, knowing that Elizabeth's birthday is coming up.

The quilt is beautiful, and if it wouldn't pain you too much to give it to Daughter, I say do it. Elizabeth is and always will be present in your daily lives, her quilt should be, too.


Pam said...

It's just beautiful. I think when Daughter is old enough to really know about Elizabeth that it will mean so much to her to have this quilt. A way for her to always be connected to her sister.

My heart is hurting for you today.

Karen said...

Funny, or kind of not, Elizabeth and You have been on my mind today and I've been thinking about her birthday coming up.

Her quilt is lovely.

Jenn said...

Beautiful - something to treasure, just like Elizabeth.

Morning Glory said...

Truly lovely! When Daughter gets older, the meaning of it will be very special to her.