Thursday, May 24, 2007

a finished object

A finished object for your viewing pleasure:

This is for my youngest sister. Her birthday was Monday and she just passed the NY state bar exam, so I wanted to do something more than I usually would (gift card for Old Navy, or the Gap, or Target, or...) and she has asked for a handmade afghan several times.

The pattern has a name, but I don't recall what it is right now. It's from A Year of Afghans 1996 (a Leisure Arts book). I crocheted it with Red Heart worsted in soft white using a size J hook. It went pretty quickly, except for the fringe which took about twelve thousand years. But I think it needed the fringe to look finished. I'm not exactly sure of the finished measurements, but it's somewhere around 4 feet wide by a little more than 4 feet long. She has a small studio apartment, she is only 1 person, and she has to fly this sucker home to the midwest, so I chose a pattern that made a smallish blanket.

And I even posed it artfully on the broken tree in my backyard! Just for you, internet!

Here's a bit of a closer look:

Yep, it's got bobbles. And cables, even! Who knew you could crochet a cable? Certainly not me.

Well, it's done, it's photographed, it's wrapped and ready for my sister's birthday dinner on Saturday night. Hope she likes it.


Karen said...

Kate!! That is gorgeous!!! I love it. I think I might even loveitmadly.

alisa said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
I love the weave and cables-It doesn't look like you crochet it

Ruth said...

How could she not? It's lovely.