Monday, May 21, 2007

another post where I complain a lot

I have been having a bad day that's lasted for weeks. Ever have that? I just feel out of control, like I'm flapping in the breeze and can't get a grip on my life.

We've been spending money like we have it, creating two large new beds in front of the house. We've filled them with stolen plants (perennials from other beds and/or my parents' house) but had to add some newly purchased perennials and annuals and of course, top soil, that plastic edging stuff, and mulch. Hubs had to put a new roof on half of our shed - it's a hy-ooge shed, more like a small house than anything - and even as a d.i.y. project it costs a bundle. Shingles are expensive, yo. Thank God he has a good friend from high school days who knows how to do that stuff and was happy to help out. (Also thank God neither of them fell off the roof while working, considering it rained on one of the two days they'd allotted for the project.)

The house repairs from our ice dam problem were not so much d.i.y.-able, so we paid big bucks to have that done. Two nice young men came to do the work, finally, and replaced our gutter, repaired the siding and flashing, and fixed our bathroom walls and ceiling. However, we had to remind them to also replace the downspout, which was obviously crushed and was in the estimate, and to remove the old pieces, also included in the estimate. Once it was all done we were pretty satisfied with the work and happy we'd paid to have it professionally completed...until I cleaned the tub. I was scrubbing out the sheet rock dust, and couldn't seem to clean two little spots. So I tried using my thumbnail and guess what! They weren't hardened sheet rock at all! There are two, count 'em two, chips in my tub! The dude dropped a tool on my tub and made two chips and didn't own up to it! Nor did he put anything down to protect the tub surface! Hooray. Now, if we choose to bring this up, it will be our word against his and we have no proof that the tub wasn't chipped before. Le sigh.

And then, I took my car for an oil change at my dealership because they do it for $9.95, but they couldn't get my hood open. Which is funny if you recall what happened to me last year (I can't seem to link to the old post. It was February 27, 2006 if you want to read it. Suffice it to say my car hood flipped open while I was driving because my hood latches failed). Anyway, they said my entire hood cable and latch system had 'seized' due to corrosion and they would have to remove the headlights and grill, and then unbolt the latch system to get the hood off. Then they would have to replace the entire cable and latch system. At a cost of $350-$400.

Say what?

I so do not have an extra $400 just laying around. It turns out this is a known problem with my model car. What the heck?!?

Luckily my dad happens to know the man who owns the body shop where I got the hood repaired last year so my dad asked him what he thought. He told my dad to tell me to come see him and that he could take a look. I dropped off the car this morning. One day and $60 later, the hood is fixed. All it needed was a $12 part and some labor. I'm not someone who tries to get something for nothing - it's not my style - but wow, am I grateful for connections right now. And I can finally get an oil change and refill my washer fluid. Financial crisis averted!

Also, I totally lost my credit card as I left Target yesterday. We had a killer parking spot and someone pulled up for it right as I got back with my cart full of child and purchases. For reasons I cannot explain I did not put my Visa right back into my wallet/planner thing and I was holding it in my hand. When I saw that someone was waiting for my space I went into panicky rushed mode and probably dropped the card as I was tossing bags into my car. Luckily I discovered that it was missing later in the afternoon and cancelled it before anyone made any charges. I did call a couple of stores in the plaza where we were shopping, but no one turned it in. It's probably still laying there in the parking place. So. Freaking. Annoying. I am an idiot.

Actually, I keep losing stuff. I can't find my little box of knitting tools anywhere (talk about a crisis!!!), and I am constantly misplacing important stuff. If I don't write every single little thing down I completely forget. Last week we were out of the house early for appointments 4 of 5 days, and again today because of the car thing. We even skipped playgroup last week to get a morning off. Also, I don't like playgroup, in case I haven't mentioned it.

Every night I struggle to make a good dinner...the freezer never has anything good to offer up lately, and I can barely get the cooking done with Daughter running around yanking stuff off shelves and getting into forbidden areas. She needs lots of attention right now and my patience is short.

Just not good times right now, my friends. Feelin' the stress. I need a couple of nice, slow-moving days of sitting in the shade sipping a cool iced tea with my knitting or a book or something. But the house is dirty! The laundry is multiplying! There are errands to run! We are hemorrhaging money! Gah.

Mmmmkay. That's the end of my venting for today.


alisa said...

Katie-girl I feel your pain!!!! I have been running like a chicken with her head cut off. Running trying to get our house ready for company-and guess what-had the entire date wrong!! and I'm losing things....I keep praying for a day in the shade to simply sit and read and sew!!

Pam said...

It comes with age, rather it goes with age - our memory. Just not what it used to be.

You totally need to do the 7 Random Things meme started by Karen and Beth. You'll feel better and we can all get a good laugh:)

Hang in there - something great is bound to happen soon!

Ruth said...

"spending money like we have it" ... I am so with you on this one. It makes me crazy.

I hope you got that iced tea in the shade, and things are better today ...

HangerMom said...

I liked that line, too - "spending money like we have it". That and all the rest of your post is right on with how I feel these days. It's like I can't get a breather, let alone maintain patience for my little ones who are very much in need of attention these days. It must be something in the air. Ugh.