Friday, March 11, 2011

let's hear it for COLOR!

There's a kids' album that I swear no one else has ever heard of except for me - it's called "Start Dreaming" by a fellow called Mr. Ray. And my favorite song on it is "Roy G. Biv." The rest of the album is super excellent, too, and I highly recommend it if you're bored with whatever kid music you've been listening to. You can preview the songs using the Amazon link I posted, or buy the songs individually for 99 cents. But you should buy the album. Seriously, it's really good. I tell everyone about it and I always just get weird one ever knows this music and it's a shame because it's done in a grown-up style, so it's very tolerable for repeated listening.

So I've been singing that song about the colors of the rainbow non-stop since starting my rad drying mat:

And check it out! It's finished! Just what I was hoping for...super bright, very easy, and quick to crochet. I finished last night just after dinner, trimmed the threads and voila! I think it's so pretty that I didn't even want to put dishes on top of it. But I did, obviously, and it works great.

To recap:
6 balls of Sugar & Cream yarn (2.5 oz size), purchased at Michael's for $1.25 each
Size K crochet hook
Chain 46, then work back across 45 stitches using single crochet

I think I worked maybe 12 rows of each color? I'm not sure, I just made sure each segment was the same width before changing colors. It seems I used about 1/3 or so of each ball, maybe a bit more.

Now I'm blowing off today's chores to start the coordinating dishcloths. Kind of a bad should see my house after ignoring work in favor of crochet all day yesterday. No wait, you shouldn't see it. No one should. It's pretty disastrous in here. I suppose I could at least fold the huge pile of clean laundry that I removed from the recliner (so I could sit and crochet) and dumped on the sofa. Yes, fine, ok, I'll do that much.

But then it's back to the rainbow. :)

ps: I guess I am on a crochet kick because I really want to make one of these for every kid I know right now:

(picture from Lion Brand website)


Karen said...

that must create a flutter of joy in your heart every time you walk into the kitchen.

C++Urdu said...

Happy Birthday Sam Botta imdb, congratulations on "Live Fearless with Sam Botta" Produced by Movie Tech Studios Hollywood

Conny said...

Just came across your blog by clicking "next blog" on the top of fun! Love the drying mat.
We're just two hours south of you guys....still waiting for some warmer weather -:)

Dmarie said...

love that drying mat!!