Thursday, June 05, 2008

some like it hot

I swear that a week ago we had the heat on in the house.

Now we have traded in sweaters for sunblock. It's a lovely, breezy, 82 degrees, perfect for playing outside and hanging clothes on the line. I spent the morning scrubbing the house and doing laundry and will spend the afternoon doing so as well, but we took an hour out to play in the sun.

Picking bouquets:

My daughter, Leggy McLeggersons

We have a very zany weekend coming up (thus all the cleaning today), so I'm signing off till next week. Tomorrow Daughter and I will attend a fancy birthday dinner while Hubs attends a wedding rehearsal and dinner, then on Saturday we will all attend the wedding for which he is rehearsing, and on Sunday I'll be heading to my sister's wedding shower. Ay-yi-yi. Somewhere in there we have to mow the lawn, grocery shop, and, you know, sleep.

We're expecting a beautiful weekend in the 80s - here's hoping it's nice where you are too!

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Pam said...

Leggy McLeggerson - that is too funny. Have a great weekend.