Wednesday, June 04, 2008

bad girl

So our budget is pretty tight these days, and I've been doing so well with careful grocery shopping, and I'm making our dressy clothes for the summer, etc......but I got caught off-guard this morning. We went to Joann's to get a piece of fabric for Daughter's flower girl dress sash, and some red clearance tags in the yarn section caught my eye.

I know, I know...I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head.

Here's what I got:

7 skeins winter white Patons Decor (75% acrylic/25% wool, worsted weight)
1 skein black Lion Baby Soft (acrylic, sport weight)
3 skeins sage Lion Wool (100% wool, worsted weight)
1 skein bright Patons Astra (acrylic, sport weight)
1 ball pink DMC crochet cotton

Here's why:

Can you read that? All of those yarns were 97 cents each. Except the pink crochet cotton. That was 50 cents. Gosh, it was like Joann's was having a garage sale! How could I leave these good basics behind? I wouldn't have bought the Astra in those bright colors but Daughter went bananas over it and she could use a new hat to match her red winter coat, so whatever. She is worth 97 cents.

I actually left quite a bit of 97-cent yarn in the bins. They had lots of Lion Wool but in colors I did not like (an ugly gray, a very weird red), and I struggled to only buy things I know I will make good use of. Now I must fight the urge to go to any of the other 3 Joann stores in our area to look for more cheap yarn! Nah, I won't. My urge to purchase has been well and truly satiated and I'm back on track for savings. We just ordered Daughter's big-girl bed and I'm determined to SAVE the rest of our stimulus check.


Louise said...

It is really really hard to leave the sale yarn behind. I think you did the right thing... especially since it was such a good sale!

Rebekah C said...

fun trip! I always come out of joanns with more than I had planned on buying. The only cure for saving money at that store for me is not shopping there frequently!

amandajean said...

wow...that is a great deal on yarn! way to stay strong and not buy the whole bin. :)

Anne K. said...

Less than a buck a skein?!! It would have been WRONG to leave that yarn behind, just WRONG, I tell you! :-)

Like the others, I admire your restraint. I would have totally fallen prey to the "just one more skein" temptress......