Monday, November 19, 2007


Just popping in to report that housing construction continues apace:

Five houses are completed for my new bedquilt. This pattern is fun and highly challenging until you figure out the proper way to place all the roof pieces. Or maybe I'm just dumb. But I finally got the hang of marking and pinning properly, and now one of these houses is my reward during naptime if all my chores get done. I'm just using whatever stash calicoes float my boat, with a background of 200-count muslin in ivory.

And this is most of one sleeve of Daughter's next sweater. Anyone recognize the pattern? Hint: it's a Starmore design. I love it and I've only made one big screw-up on it so far - last night I unraveled about 17 rows of one cable to correct a twist that was going the wrong way. Why can you never spot those mistakes until you've knit on for several inches?!? Anyway, you can see toward the top left in the photo where the stitches look lumpy and sloppy. I'm hoping that will work itself flat in the blocking and wearing of the sweater.

This sweater, along with some socks, mittens, and hats for my little family, will be accompanying me on a long, long drive for the holiday. I just dragged a suitcase down from storage and it's aired out now, so time to start packing for the 3 of us.

Many Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours. If you are traveling, be safe. If you see a red minivan hauling down I-90 West towards Illinois with a crazed knitter in the passenger seat, wave to me!


Pam said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kate:)

Ann-Marie said...

sorry to hear that you're putting an end to the blogging.
i will miss you but i can understand.
take care


Anne said...

I just wanted to say "bye" - I'm one of the "I understand, do what you need to do" group. Thanks for sharing your beautiful crafting - thanks to you quilting is now definitely on my "one day" list.

Take care.

Kyleen said...

Sorry to see you go. Your sewing has inspired me more than once. Your tutorial on strip-piecing was the best I have ever seen! You will be missed. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your inspiration Kate. I never commented, but thoroughly enjoyed all of your creations. Good luck with everything.