Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween! I don't get real jazzed up about Halloween, but now I'm rethinking that policy. I got to be there for both of my kids' holiday experiences at school (this is still such a cool novelty to me!) and it was pretty awesome to see everyone so into it. I did break out my black & orange stripey knee socks but now I'm thinking I could at least stop by Target or Old Navy and grab a Halloween shirt (on sale).

My son is obsessed with Minecraft (if you don't know, ask your kids) and has talked all month about being "a Minecraft guy" for Halloween, so my husband tracked down the $20 cardboard box head and he's a happy kid.

Yeah. It's so weird. I don't know.

Daughter, on the other hand, is living out my childhood fantasy for me. Behold:

Don't mind the sneakers. One can only do so much in the name of authenticity, and black button shoes were not in the budget. McCall's 9424 is the pattern, and despite how it may look, it is SUPER easy. I let her choose any small print from the "Quilter's Showcase" line at Joann's (on sale for $2.49/yard) because it was the least expensive option. (I've decided so many farmers were broke in the old days because they had to buy so much flippin' fabric for their womenfolk.) The apron is plain muslin.

She loves it, and besides Halloween she can wear it for "Pioneer Days" next year in 4th (!!!) grade.

The weather is insane today...pouring rain when we woke up, then dry-ish, now starting to be windy, and about 65 degrees. Most years we are chased inside after trick-or-treating at about a dozen houses because our hands are freezing. This year we might last a bit longer! Hopefully the rain will continue to hold off so we can have a fun night out there with our friends.

Ok, gotta go switch the laundry and throw some dinner together so we can get to the important part...CANDY!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!


Staci said...

I just got a pioneer dress in the mail today that I ordered for my daughter off etsy. I know I could have made it, but I just couldn't see finding the time and she needs it for prairie school next month. But now that I see your dress, I wish I had waited a little longer... the one I got is fine, but I could have made this one and I like it better... Okay, no more regrets. It's paid for and here and all my girls will wear it and I'm sure the woman who made it appreciated getting my cash. :) But nice work! I love your pioneer dress!

Ruth said...

When looking for the vampire cape for my son to wear, I found the calico skirt and sunbonnet I made for my oldest daughter when she was in second grade ... looks like the same pattern (although I didn't make the dress and pinafore -- time issues). Daughter looks great, and the Minecraft costume is awesome. I hope you all had a fun night.

Karen said...

So fun. I love that giant Minecraft head on the tiny little guy body.