Wednesday, May 02, 2012

yarn along

Joining Ginny again for the weekly yarn along.

I do jump on most bandwagons I guess, though I tend to be tardy to the party. I finally read the Hunger Games series and now I'm joining every other person in the universe with these Steig Larsson books. This caught my eye on the "popular" shelf at the library this morning so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm 15 pages in so no opinion yet!

The knitting is a plain old natural diaper soaker for a customer, and a top-down raglan cardigan for a little girl turning 3. Purple is her favorite, so I'm making a cardi and hopefully a little purple print sundress to go with it. I don't have enough yarn for a full-length cardigan with long sleeves so I went back and forth between a bolero-style with longer sleeves and a full-length with short sleeves and decided on full-length with as long a sleeve as I can squeeze out of the yarn I have. We'll see how it goes...

Off to make a cuppa and enjoy this nice warm day (66 F!).

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