Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was ready to do a post last night about my homemade laundry soap experiment, and then when I went downstairs to finish the day's loads, I found a lump of wet stuff in the dryer. Huh, I must have forgotten to start it. So I started it, and came upstairs to knit awhile. Soon I noticed I could no longer hear the dryer running...odd. It usually takes longer than that.

You can guess what's coming, right?

Nothing, no drying action whatsoever. The stupid drum turns but there is no heat. I let loose with a few choice swears, then had to tell my husband that the dryer is out of commission. Here's hoping we can fix it ourselves if all it needs is a heating unit of some sort.

I have the detergent info plus a couple of projects to share, but right now I have to go check the drying rack and various hangers scattered throughout the house to see if my clothes and towels have dried even a little bit. Aaargh!


Karen said...

Aw that stinks. My dryer started screaming and banging a few weeks ago and it was a couple weeks before we broke down and called a repair. $100 later. Ugh. If it had been a simple, older dryer my dad could have done it for us but no, it's all computer-y. I hope yours is a simple, cost-of-part fix.

Shari said...

Ugh! Hope you get it fixed cheaply and quickly!

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