Wednesday, May 25, 2011

summer mystery shawlette knitalong

I've never been one to join stuff. Don't know why, exactly, but if everyone else is doin' it, I probably won't. Weird! But this time I'm a-joinin' in the fun.

For years I've had two beautiful skeins of fingering weight alpaca following me around. It was purchased when I was a relative newbie to serious knitting and I think I thought I would make socks from it (?) which would be unwise, as it doesn't have any nylon and would probably not wear too well! It's gorgeous, neutral, and soft as a cloud. When I saw Wendy's post about a summer mystery shawlette knitalong, it all came together in my mind - finally, a use for my pretty alpaca.

I don't really have much use for shawls, though I might use a shawlette as a scarf in cool weather. Truly I'm a practical knitter at heart and prefer hearty, workhorse yarns for warm sweaters, socks, and accessories.

But it's also fun and challenging to stretch my skills and make something beautiful, just because:

The first two "clues" of the mystery have been released and I've completed them. I'm pretty sure there are a few errors in there, but what mom with two young kids can knit perfect lace? I'm not worrying about it, just enjoying the pattern. I'm not going so far as to put my work on Ravelry like many others (see, not much of a true joiner) but I've browsed around on the site, and it is fun to see this made up in all the different yarns people choose. In fact, my own mother is also knitting this! I'm so psyched that we're both making this and I can't wait to see hers.

The next clue is released on Thursday in time for Memorial Day weekend. Maybe I can talk Hubs into taking the kids to the park for a couple hours so I can, you know, "get some housework done" (knitknitknitknitknit).


Ruth said...

Knitting with Frog Tree is such a delight. I'm glad to see you knitting yourself something frippery (not the right use of the word, I know, but knitting lace is never frivolous!). Enjoy.

Karen said...

What a fun thing! I can't wait to see it develop. And wow, it's totally gorgeous.