Monday, November 29, 2010

holiday makin': drive-by update

Daughter's first pair of mittens: done. She approved and wore them all weekend. Did I do some sort of weird different decrease on one of them? I don't think so...and yet one looks pointy.

Sweater for baby nephew: 85% complete (I made that percentage up). Just needs front and neck bands, underarm weaving, and buttons. Once it's done and washed it will be on its way.

Daughter's Christmas dress: done!

I am so, so happy with this dress. I want to make ten more.

Matchy Gymboree tights were acquired over the weekend. She is going to look so sweet.

(Yes, I need to press that underarm seam better. It was sewn straight and true, I promise.)



Mrs Lemon said...

I love that dress! So sweet. I love it when little girls look like little girls, not like little magazine models.

Karen said...

Oooh, that dress is beautiful!!! I love the tights, too.