Friday, October 01, 2010

just keep swimming...

Last night I smashed the coffee pot while I was washing it.

Couldn't have happened at a worse time, really, as we are in the throes of two insane weeks filled with medical appointments, surgery, days off of school, out-of-town visitors, and therapies. I am running as fast as I can and still totally not keeping up! Despite the fact that I feel I constantly do laundry, it is piling up faster than I can knock it down (it reproduces, right?), and I swear I just clean up the same pile of toys from the family room floor three times a day. Still it always looks like a bomb has gone off in here. Oy.

So we are french-pressing today and it's not really working for me. :(

Chin up, chin up...just have to get through one therapy session, one eye doctor appointment, and one early dismissal today, and I can crawl into my knitting basket for a few minutes of relaxation.


Patricia Snook said...

{Good luck} you've got such a pretty blog over here, and you're so talented!


Ruth said...

Hey, Kate! I switched browers this summer and lost my bookmarks, and am only now getting caught up with you.

LOVE everything you've been working on ... am wondering how you liked the DROPS sweater. I made one over the summer, and was intrigued by the construction. But then, I am easily entertained. :)

Anyway, glad to see you back! How is Daughter liking kindergarten?