Monday, May 10, 2010

a few more summer garments

Ok, so, it's May 10 and I am wearing a wool sweater. WOOL. It snowed yesterday, people. The highs this week are only in the 50s! Boo.

We can't wear our summer clothes yet, but the yucky weather gave me a bit of an excuse to continue sewing them:

More from Butterick 4176! Wow, I would say I am getting my money's worth from this pattern.

The swing top is exactly the same as the dress, but shorter. Having made two of the dresses, I didn't even have to consult the instructions for the shirt. Very easy! The shorts are the same as those I've shown previously, also very, very easy to construct. Daughter picked the fabrics last week at Joann's. It took some convincing to get her to agree to coordinating patterns...once she saw a picture above the bolts of fabric of a little girl in a similar outfit, she was totally into it.

And the final sundress of the 2010 season (I think...), another from Simplicity 5489. Daughter also chose this fabric, so hopefully she will actually want to wear this one. I once again lengthened the top of the dress pattern and eliminated the bias band at the bottom, and on this one I added an extra inch. Daughter is so tall and leggy, she really needs the extra length. And once again the pattern runs between the selvage edges, so I had to cut the pattern pieces on the crossgrain. Which is fine, but I couldn't squeeze the facings out of the remaining fabric. I used batiste with lightweight interfacing again, just as I did on the white dress I posted last time.

I was also quite pleased to find a couple pairs of capri leggings at Old Navy this weekend, so Daughter can wear these dresses to the playground and to school in the fall. We got the "dress guidelines" for her new school and they recommend the children wear shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers to school each day because of gym class and recess. Um, I have made 7 freaking sundresses...she will wear those too! So capri leggings to the rescue!

I think that just about completes the summer sewing for Daughter, except for pajamas/nightgowns. I have one set of pjs almost complete (ran out of bias tape with one armhole to go), and am planning one nightgown. Those, along with the 2 or 3 sets of storebought pjs/nightgowns she already has, should get her through the whole summer nicely.

I still have several items in the queue for myself, and even though AJ does not technically need any more summer items (we got a ton of hand-me-downs from a friend), I have a pattern for a romper that is calling to me. I'm thinking a patriotic madras kind of look, perhaps with a matching skirt for Daughter? Hmmm? A little 4th of July matchy-matchy kind of thing?

Then there's always the a Zimmermann percentage system sweater in the works for Daughter (body and one sleeve just about complete) for fall, several pair of socks hanging out on needles around the house, big plans for new mittens for both many things I want to make!

And there's the garden to get planted, and yardwork to do, and the downstairs powder room that is desperately in need of a paint job. And AJ starts speech therapy soon with an entirely new therapist, 2X/week, so I have a stranger coming around and must keep the house in order for that. I really don't even have time to breathe much these days. It's a little nuts.

How about you? What projects are keeping you hopping?

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