Tuesday, June 30, 2009

let this be a lesson to you

Got the call from our attorney tonight giving us the final amount we have to bring to closing tomorrow.

And it was the wrong number! As in, off by thousands!

This attorney held the funds from the sale of our old home (with our permission, of course) to put toward the purchase of our new home. She also credited us her fee at that time for both transactions. However, the number she called me with tonight did not take those figures into account. I had to ask her exactly how those funds that she withheld would be handled...and she got confused and had to "look up my file." She then called me back with a much nicer number.

So this is just to say, ASK QUESTIONS. Don't just automatically trust someone because they are a lawyer or whatever. It can really make a difference!


Mrs Lemon said...

Glad it's all working out to be FINISHED for you :)

emy said...

If this happens to me, I would most certainly scream!