Tuesday, April 28, 2009

in which i am prevented from indulging in one of my hobbies

Well, our home inspection is scheduled for this afternoon, so I guess this is really happening. Holy moly. I am so anxious and nervous and nauseated and scared...oh, and excited. But mostly those other things. Oy.

I think I'll take Daughter over during the inspection so she can check out her new digs. We might as well go all-out and measure some windows, too, so I can see if my old window treatments will work or if I have to make some new ones.

I have the strongest urge to sew stuff just now. I especially want to make a wee quilt for my boy, as I did not make one before he was born. Unfortunately, my fabric stash is in bins and hidden away at the very back of a storage unit. Frick. Would it be wrong to take some of our precious savings and go to Joann's for a few yards of fabric? *sigh* Yes, I guess it would be wrong, considering how much fabric I already own. Frickety-frick!


Pam said...

You just reminded me that I have a t-vo'd episode of Scrubs to watch! Frick! I better go watch it right now!

Seriously though, congrats on finding a new house! Very exciting:)

Shari said...

As much as I would love to be an enabler and say "Splurge, go buy new fabric" I think you would feel guilty every time you looked at it.

Any way you can convince hubby to go dig it out for you?

Hope the inspection goes well!

Karen said...

Go make him dig it out. I have been going through Kate Sewing withdrawls from months. MONTHS!

Will you take pics of the house and post them?

kate said...

Karen, I'm gonna give you a "maybe" on the photos of the house. There is a renter living there right now, and I kid you not, he left underpants laying on the floor when we came to look at the house the first time. UNDERPANTS! Not the neatest guy around, so the house looks...a bit disheveled, I would say. But I might be able to get some good shots. :)

Ruth said...

How did the inspection go?