Thursday, March 08, 2007

wardrobe update

When I was away from the blog for about a week I did a lot of sewing. I couldn't resist this cute flannel at Joann Fabrics, so I grabbed some to make a quick pair of pants for Daughter.

I used my usual pattern (New Look "easy" #6175) but lengthened it by about 3 inches. Daughter is tall and skinny, so she can still wear the larger baby sizes of some patterns if I lengthen the legs. These should hopefully also fit in the fall.

More sundresses. Surprise, it's New Look Kids #6578. This time in size 2 but size 4 length.

This is my favorite of the fabrics I bought for sundresses. You can see tiny dots on the background if you look closely - they're like clear sequins right in the fabric and they sparkle when they catch the light. Adorable.

It's so easy it's Simplicity #4142 tank and shorts, size 2. The fabrics are cotton and cotton/poly blend. Easy care for summer. I know all this stuff looks crazy wrinkled, and I swear I press as I sew. Somehow everything always looks mushed up when I take photos. I promise I'll iron it all before she wears it out of the house.

I'm taking a wee break from sewing - I sew in the dining room and after awhile I just can't stand seeing the mess, so I pack everything up and stop for short periods of time. I'll get back to it after Daughter's birthday when I can assess what she still needs for summer. My mom and sisters tend to buy really cute clothes so we'll wait and see.

In other news, the sun has been shining like mad for 3 days. The way this affects my mood is ridiculous. I just feel SO much better when the sun is out. Now all I need is for temps to rise above the 30s so we can actually get outside and experience fresh air. YAY SPRING! Also, I am psyched for DST to start earlier this year. It's so nice to eat dinner with some light left in the sky, don't you agree?

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